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Don't forget to come learn all about the guidelines for the Paleo Challenge today!  10am at the gym!

Via CrossFit Football

Paleo Snack for the Power Athlete 

Paleo Snack for The Power Athlete – Canned Salmon, Avocado, Olive Oil, Tomato and Red Onion

I don't know how that goes together in a meal, but enjoy shotgunning that olive oil!

Workout of the Day

“Tag Team Cindy”
Teams of two must complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats
one team member may be working at any given time.  The resting partner
must care for the team’s kettlebell, which may not touch the ground
during the workout (you cannot sit down or kneel either). Carry the
biggest Kettlebell baby you can handle.

Tomorrow is our first Paleo Challenge Seminar!  It will be immediately after class at 10am and should last no longer than an hour.  See you there!

From NorCal Strength and Conditioning:

Chicken Tortilla Soup (tortillas optional!)

Chicken Soup 

1 32 oz carton Organic Chicken Broth

1 14.5 oz can crushed or diced tomatoes

1 package “Just Chicken”….or 2 cups of shredded cooked chicken

1 package frozen red, green, yellow bell pepper slices

Season to taste…(chili powder, Lawry’s seasoning salt, garlic salt, smoked paprika….be creative!)

Toss in the crockpot and set on low for 5-6 hours.  I added
avocado…and if you so choose….crush a handful of tortilla chips on
top, and a sprinkle of grated cheese.  Enjoy!

Workout of the Day

Snatch (Or Overhead Squat if your OHS isn't solid)




10×50 yd sprints  (30 seconds rest between each effort)

You can read the In-Depth Details here.   We will be holding a one hour Paleo Seminar Saturday morning at 10am at the gym, and Monday Night after class at 6:30pm.  We will introduce the Paleo Diet, give resources, answer questions about the diet and about the challenge.   First things first, make the first change.  Don't worry about being perfect.  I expect (and you should too) that you will make mistakes, and give in to cravings.  That's okay.  We are performing an experiment on your body.  How will you feel and perform when you change how you eat?  How will you look? 

At these seminars we will take the before pictures, so come prepared for that.  If you are just looking for information, you can stop by, you don't have to participate in the challenge if you don't want to.   I will view this challenge as a success if you make one sustainable change, be it eliminating sugar, or minimizing grain intake.  Over the course of your life, it will make a huge difference.  

New Classes!  We will be adding a Monday morning 6:30am class, a Monday afternoon, 4:30pm class, and a Wednesday afternoon 4:30pm class.  As always, check the schedule for the up to date schedule.  Thanks for coming and allowing us to add classes to better serve you!

Stuart always puts his best into the workout of the day, and it shows!

Workout of the Day

3 rounds of

Front Squat x 6

rest 60 seconds

max knees to elbows (strict, no kipping or swinging)

rest 60 seconds


Five rounds of

3 pistols (each leg)

6 burpees

9 pullups

For Time.

As I get deeper into any area, I recognize the importance of Virtuosity.  Virtuosity, defined by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman, is "performing the common uncommonly well".   Everyone wants to get to the sexy moves.  We want muscle-ups, free standing handstand pushups, and successful snatches.  But doing too many different things and ignoring the basics of virtuosity is a recipe for poor movement and poor fitness.  We do a lot of different things here at North Scottsdale CrossFit, but they are all based off of the squat, press, and deadlift.  Developing more than competence, but excellence in the basic movements will ensure more efficient movement and better results in the future.   So practice your squats, your overhead squats, your active shoulders, your rack positions.   When you have those set your efforts at the more complicated movements will be much more successful.

Free CrossFit Journal download: Virtuosity

Workout of the Day

3 rounds of

10-12 ring rows

60 seconds rest

30 situps

60 second rest.


As Many rounds as possible:

1 minute of 5 box jumps/ 5 pushups.   1 minute rest.

2 minutes of 5 box jumps/ 5 pushups.  1 minute rest.

3 minutes of 5 box jumps/ 5 pushups.  1 minute rest

3 minutes of 5 box jumps/ 5 pushups.  1 minute rest

2 minutes of 5 box jumps/ 5 pushups.  1 minute rest

1 minute of 5 box jumps/ 5 pushups.

Yesterday was great.  We had a huge class and really saw a lot of people working hard.  It was awesome to have everyone cheering each other on.  You are really creating a great community.  Thanks for making it so special.  From Tim getting through his first CrossFit workout, to John cranking through with the best time at the end, there were a lot of highlights.  Here is what stood out for me.

Inspiration from North Scottsdale Crossfit on Vimeo.

Workout of the Day

Three Rounds of

5 Overhead Squats

Rest 10 seconds

15 burpees


Rest 3 minutes

As many Reps as Possible

2 minutes – Kettlebell swings

2 minutes rest

2 minutes Hang Squat Cleans (95/65)

Time each of the first three rounds separately, then reps for KB and HSC

From Practical Programming by Rippetoe & Kilgore on Warming Up:

Preparation is both muscular and neuromuscular: it elevates the temperature of the muscles and associated tissues, making them more flexible and less prone to injury…while allowing the movement pattern to be practiced so that it is familiar, comfortable, and more automatic at work set weights.  Begin with a simple five minutes on an exercise bike or rower…Five minutes only with a gradual increase in intensity elevates body temperature and prepares the body to exercise.

Move directly to the first barbell exercise.  Do the complete range of motion for that exercise with an empty bar first, for as many sets as necessary to warm the range of motion (this might be as many as five sets for an injured athlete, or a creaky old masters guy).  Then increase the weight in even increments for 3 to 5 sets until the trainee is ready to handle the work set weight.  Repeat the process (without the aerobic part) for every exercise in the workout.

In more experienced trainees, warm-up reps can be tapered down to two or even to a single rep for the last warm-up set, saving gas for work sets.  Novices who need the motor pathway practice should stay with the full number of reps all the way up, until skill level permits the taper.

And it is very important that the athlete understand the proper role of warm-ups: They prepare for the work sets; they do not interfere with them.  If the last warm-up set is too heavy, i.e., too close to the weight of the work set, it will fatigue rather than warm.  The warm-up sets are valuable in that they ready the body for the work sets, but they do not themselves make anything stronger.


Workout of the Day

Squat 5,5,5


15 Clean and Jerk (75-80% of 1RM)

15 pullups

10 Clean and Jerks

10 pullups

5 Clean and Jerks

5 pullups

For time.

North Scottsdale CrossFit is partnering with CrossFit Arrowhead and Tribal CrossFit in a Paleo challenge for everyone who wants to participate.  We will have an introduction to the Paleo diet on Monday at 6:30pm to discuss the particulars, introduce the premise of the diet, take pictures, and sign everyone up.  

You can see the details of the challenge here.   The basic premise is this:  If you want to participate it will be $30, the challenge goes 7 weeks, and winners will be selected solely on before and after pictures!  The top ten in the male and female category will be selected by the coaches of each gym, then the heads will be cut off and all participants will have the chance to vote on who they think made the biggest change in 7 weeks.  One winner in the male and one winner in the female division will win the prize money (what your $30 is going for). 

We will be posting recipes and resources in a new nutrition section of the website, but the big added plus for participants is the transparency and accountability of online food blogs and a hard deadline for the challenge.   Even if you just make one positive sustainable change in your nutrition, it will payoff for a lifetime!  Don't be discouraged if You don't want to go full-blown Paleo.  Baby steps.  Questions?  Leave a comment


Workout of the Day



Then 3 rounds

10 Hang Squat Clean (115-155/85-105)

15 pullups

For time.

I've been reading and hearing from a number of distance athletes and some subset of them really enjoy the pain of long distance.  This article presents a number of elite athlete's ways to handle the pain of long distance running:

"most reported using a combination of associative
(internal) and dissociative (distraction or external) thoughts, though
distractions such as checking out the scenery or singing to oneself
were used less frequently and usually in the early to middle sections
of a race. Dissociative techniques seemed handiest for maintaining a
pace or for finishing out a race that was not going well. (Japanese
marathoner Sachiko Yamashita
said she thought of music or what she would eat after the race if she
was off her pace, things that never crossed her mind if she was running
well.) When the going got tough, say in the last 10K of a marathon, the
tough invariably turned inward."

"Some find strength in the divine, some in camaraderie, some in gaman
— the Japanese concept of enduring pain with dignity and grace.
Brendan Reilly, who works with a large contingent of Japanese runners
through Boulder Wave, says, "They are about perseverance: Fall seven
times, get up eight. Japanese runners have commented on the strength many African runners seem to get from religion. They don't have that. They rely on never giving up, on working hard and never complaining.""

To which I say, why wait a few hours to get to that point?  Fran can get you there in 2 minutes!  One thing that CrossFit brings that is so important is Intensity.  It is the reason that we get the results we do in such short workouts.  It is why CrossFit is so efficient.  Because we push our bodies to that limit as fast as possible, to move the limit and make our bodies adapt to the higher demands placed on them.  That's how we get in such good all around shape with such short workouts, and also why there is a carryover to longer, less intense efforts.

Lumberjack 20 003 

Workout of the Day

Five rounds of

max rep ring dips

60 second rest

max rep ring rows

60 second rest

and then,

Three rounds for time of:

250m row

200m sprint (20 burpees if raining)

20 double unders (or 80 single jumps)

I fear I may have offended some of our community with my enthusiasm for CrossFit over this past week.  I'd like to take this time to clear up any ambiguity in my position.   I AM NOT saying that CrossFit is the best way to prepare for a specific event, such as a marathon run, triathlon, or power lifting event.  No, CrossFitters will get beaten by elite specialists in that specialist's sport. 

What I AM saying, is that CrossFit seeks to elevate the ten components of fitness (Strength, Endurance, Speed, Power, Cardio, Agility, Balance, Accuracy, Stamina, and Flexibility).  What this means is that if someone is training in one domain (Endurance, say) they will make quicker gains and more absolute gains than a CrossFitter who is training generally.  However, they will also be exposed to more injury due to the lack of diversity in their programming as well as boredom.  Which can be lethal.  

An experienced CrossFitter should have a good foundation across all ten components of fitness and so would be competent in any physical task presented.  As Coach Glassman says, "We can do your stuff nearly as well as you, we dominate you in stuff neither of us does, and you can't do our stuff at all."

So far, he's right.  The advantage of CrossFit is the intensity, the constant variation of workouts, and the camaraderie of working out with a group of people you enjoy. 

Have a question?  Leave a comment!


Workout of the Day

Max Deadlift – 1 Rep Max

Then, max reps,

45 seconds – deadlift (70% of today's 1RM)

45 seconds rest

45 seconds handstand pushups

45 seconds rest

30 seconds – Dl

30s rest

30s hspu

30s rest

15s DL

15s rest

15s hspu

Total DL reps and HSPU reps.


100 double unders for time.

In Seth Godin's book, the Dip, he says you need to lean into the hard parts of life, which he calls the dip.  The dip is where things get worse before they get better, and if you are actually in a dip, and not a cul-de-sac, then to get through it, you need to embrace how tough it is, and lean into it, rather than quitting and shying away from the challenge, which is what the dip is designed to do.  In business, it's why the top actors, insurance salesmen, and investors make so much money; the dip has eliminated everyone else.

It isn't that way in fitness, because fitness isn't a zero sum game, but there is still a dip.  And I was reminded of that Sunday afternoon and Monday after getting way outside my comfort zone during the 1/2 marathon.  I was pretty sore.  My hips, quads, and calves were the main culprit.  My wife joked I was moving like an old man.

So, of course, I took my own advice and engaged in 'active rest'.   This is basically doing the thing that hurts, through a full range of motion.  It hurts when I stand?  Do full squats.  Calves ache?  Double unders and (gasp!) calf raises.  I wanted to move the sore muscle through the full range of motion as much as possible.  I also utilized contrast showers and a little amateur massage (thanks Joy!).  But the big thing that helped me was that Will wanted me to do the Chief with him yesterday. 

You know the Chief.  It hurts.  I did not want to do it, and I wouldn't have done it by myself.  I had a great excuse.  Hey, I had just run 13 miles the day before, 8 miles further than I have ever run!  But I did it anyway and ended up collecting 66 Power Cleans, 132 pushups, and 198 full depth squats.  Now, I am not sore at all above the knee and I'm ready to go!  (Calves are still sore, so maybe more double unders!)

Anytime you push your body outside of it's comfort zone, you'll probably be sore.  With CrossFit this happens fairly regularly, though it usually isn't as intense as your first week.  When that happens, lean into it.  Workout the next day.  You'll feel better.


Workout of the Day

Three rounds for time

10 pullups

15 push press (95/65 or whatever you can handle unbroken)

Then rest exactly 5 minutes


three rounds for time

10 burpees

15 box jumps.

Finish (untimed) with three sets max L-sits

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