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29 Jul 2011

CF Games p2

***No 9am class today, and no 6 or 9am class on Monday!  Please check the schedule so you can make all your classes next week!***

Workout of the Day
Four sets of:
Back Squat x 4-6 reps @ 30X0
Rest 60 seconds
Powell Raises x 8-10 reps each @ 2020
Rest 60 seconds;
and then,

Partner Wod:
4000m row 
Non rowing partner does a wall sit while they wait (back against the wall, thighs at ninety degrees, feet flat.

Partners may switch off as often as they like.    Express just does the partner wod.  

Single competitors can row the 4k alone.  

28 Jul 2011

CF Games

***Remember, the only class today was at 6am!  See you Friday afternoon at 4:30, 5:30pm or Saturday 9am***

Workout of the Day
Every 8 minutes, for a total of 3 sets, complete the following as quickly as possible:
Run 400 Meters
30 Kettlebell Swings
20 hand release pushups

CrossFit Games

This weekend, the CrossFit Games!   The first workout is taking place Friday morning at 7am at Santa Monica Beach!   It is:

210m Ocean Swim
1500m run in soft sand
50 chest to bar pullups
100 hand release pushups
200 squats
1500m run in soft sand

Wow!  Should be fun to watch the competitors brave the cold Pacific early in the morning, and I’m sure almost two miles of running in sand will definitely impact the standings in unforeseen ways!

Follow along at!!

***Don’t forget!  There is only an 0600 class on Thursday! Remember to check the schedule!***

Workout of the Day
On the minute, every minute, for 20 minutes, complete the following:
Power Clean x 2 reps
Burpees x 3 reps

Score total weight (in lbs.) successfully lifted in the power clean over the course of the 20 minutes.

For a Paleo-ish breakfast smoothie, click here.

To see a great post on prepping meals for the week, click here. 

Workout of the Day
Four sets of:
Front Squat x 4-6 reps @ 21X1
(yep, that means you need to pause in the bottom position)
Rest 20 seconds
Tall Box Jump x 4-6 reps
Rest 3 minutes;
and then,
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
20 Alternating Reverse Lunges
40 Double-Unders

Tips on being successful with Nutrition

As we work with folks in the gym on their nutrition, we find a few similarities that each person falls into as they move forward:

1) Accountability – We’ve seen the best results with those athletes who are accountable to someone.  This means they have someone who they have given permission to ask them about their eating, and, in some cases, to turn food journals into.    Those athletes who have committed to showing me their food journals have had great success.

2) Boring meals – The food journals have shown us that a big hassle in going Paleo and/or changing what you eat is the mental work of  What to eat.   When you are hungry is no time to make a decision.   Find a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner that works for you.  This might be two meals, as lunch and dinner could be the same thing.  Start there.  If it fits into Paleo guidelines, you will have success.  After a few weeks, you can add in a meal (also Paleo) to add some variety.  But too often we see brain paralysis about what to eat or prepare, and so we fall back into our old habits.

3) Batch preparation.   This means prepping a few days’ meals before hand.  This might mean cooking chicken breasts all at once, cutting up veggies, whatever.  Requires some planning, a lot of tupperware, and a commitment to winning.

I want to recognize Andre specifically, he lost 12 lbs in his first month of CrossFit, by staying consistent in his workouts, and utilizing these strategies.  If you are interested in dialing down on your nutrition, talk with a Coach.

***Please check the schedule page, there will be no Thursday evening class and no Friday 9am class.  Friday afternoon and Saturday morning will go forward as scheduled***

A group of us will be in LA this weekend watching and reveling in the CrossFit Games!  Mike will coach Friday night and Saturday morning.  Be sure to catch all the info about the games at

Workout of the Day
Three sets of:
Bench Press x 6-8 reps @ 20X1
Rest 20 seconds
Dynamic Push-Up x 4-6 reps
Rest 3 minutes;
and then,
Against a two-minute running clock, complete the following:
400 Meter Run
Kettlebell swings x Max Reps

Complete a total of four sets, and rest exactly 2 minutes between sets.

22 Jul 2011

Workout of the Day

Four sets of:
Russian Step-Up x 15 reps each leg
Rest 60 seconds
No-Money Drills x 12-15 reps
Rest 60 seconds;
and then,
Four sets of 3-minute sprints of:
5 Deadlifts (185/135)
10 Push-Ups
15 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)

Perform as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes, then rest 90 seconds between rounds and pick up where you left off to start the next round. Score total number of rounds and reps completed.

21 Jul 2011

On Sunscreen

Workout of the Day
TESTING DAY – Please follow prescription and report scores. We use this data to track our athletes’ progress.

In 15-18 minutes, build to a heavy, but not 1-RM, Clean & Jerk
(this is a warm-up and skill practice session, not part of the testing);
and then,
“Minute to Win It”
Complete as many reps as possible in 60 seconds of:
135/95 lbs. Ground to Overhead
(snatch, clean & jerk . . . it’s all good)

There is a lot of new information on sunscreen, how much to use, and more than just SPF.  Protect yourself, read the infographic here.

To summarize:

  • You want the UVA star system, at least 3 stars
  • SPF 15 or 25 should be sufficient
  • one or two finger’s length on each body zone
  • Apply 30 minutes prior to sun exposure
  • Reapply 30 minutes into sun exposure
  • 20 minutes broad sunlight daily is good for vitamin D levels

Workout of the Day
Testing Make-Up Day – If you did not complete yesterday’s strength and conditioning testing (Shoulder Press and Lucky Sevens), today is your day!
– or –
Run 900 Meters
30 burpees
30 kettlebell swings (70/53)
30 handstand pushups
Run 900 Meters

We have lots of new folks coming through the doors these days, and I want to make sure everyone understands the bedrock principle behind success with CrossFit, or any other real program.

You have to come through the doors.  Consistently.  Over time.  There is a reason we make you sign up for 3 months at a minimum.    There is a lot to learn with regards to movements, culture, and lifestyle.  Learning a little bit at a time, and incorporating that over a few months, is the best way to get results.  Life changing results.

If you have questions, ask a coach, but make sure you are coming through the door, utilizing all your classes, and working HARD everytime!

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Cactus CrossFit.

19 Jul 2011

Testing Day

Workout of the Day
TESTING DAY – Please follow prescription and report scores. We use this data to track our athletes’ progress.


Five or Six sets of:
Shoulder Press @ 20X1 tempo
Rest 3 minutes between sets
(use this time effectively to work on hip mobility or glute activation exercises – your coaches can help give you some suggestions)


For the shoulder press, perform the following reps and percentages:
* Set 1 – 50% of possible 1-RM x 3 reps
* Set 2 – 75% of possible 1-RM x 2 reps
* Set 3 – 85% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep
* Set 4 – 90-95% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep
* Set 5 – Test 1-RM
* Set 6 (optional) – Exceed Set 5 weight


“Lucky Sevens”
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
7 Box Jumps (24″/18″)
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)

Compare to 052611




18 Jul 2011

Workout of the Day
Three sets of:
Back Squat x 6-8 reps @ 30X0
Rest 90 seconds
Bat Wings x 5 reps @ 1519
Rest 90 seconds;
and then,
Three rounds for time of:
Run 400 Meters
30 Walking Lunges
15 Toes to Bar

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